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You probably already know how important online reviews are to
building your business, but just in case you need a refresher:


of consumers

read online reviews for local businesses


of consumers trust online business reviews as much as personal recommendations

of consumers

believe that reviews more than 3 months old are no longer relevant


of consumers

will NOT use a business with low ratings


Are Yelp Reviews Hurting Your Business?

These days online reviews are the lifeblood of any business. A few bad reviews and you can be losing sales right and left. On the other hand, several good reviews can greatly increase sales.
Good reviews can even overcome lackluster 2 star reviews and rants from cranky customers.

Is it fair that Yelp and other review sites have so much power over your business? Most owners say no. Most often reviews are left by the few customers who felt they had a bad experience. The vast majority of your customers think highly of you, but never leave a review.

Add to that Yelp’s controversial practice of filtering out good reviews and only showing the few bad ones. It’s not fair and it’s costing you money.

What’s the solution?

Placing fake reviews is against Federal Trade Commissions regulations. Yelp often filters legitimate reviews placed by inactive or new members. So having your customers write reviews for you will probably be ineffective. Yelp won’t allow them to be seen.

Fortunately, we provide software that makes dealing with Yelp a LOT easier. This powerful software lets you intuitively collect and publish your customer’s reviews on Yelp. This works on other popular review sites as well. Your reviews will be seen and your star
rating will improve.

Best of all, your online reputation will soar. You will get more leads, more sales, and bigger profits.


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