FastBoy Marketing

We are dedicated to provide professional Online Marketing Services and Business Marketing solutions to you. It is our honor to contribute to your sucess

The setup fee includes a free website, in this package, you will be able to choose from our website templates that we have pre-designed. If you want a customized design, we also offer a Custom website pack raging from $500 to $1200 according to your needs.

1. Designing a website

The first step to your success is to have a professional Website for your business. In the event you already have one, we will double check and evaluate your current website to make sure that it has met all requirements for us to perform SEO.


2. Verifying Google

This is one of our high-tech tools which allows business owners to reveal password in a security manner should their password has been lost or forgotten. It is almost impossible for stranger to pass on our security wall since it is extremely challenging.

3. Locating Google Map

In many events, GPS confuses the users when it comes to finding a destination.  With our Online Marketing service, this should never happen.  We will carefully relocate your business location on Google map and your customers will certainly be heading to the right direction with our Google map relocating service.

4. Making Facebook Page

We will create an attractive Facebook page for your business.

5. Opening an Instagram account 

6. Yelp!

We will claim your Yelp account and assist you in replying and managing negative reviews as well as business reputation.

7. Updating and Correcting Information 

In many cases, your business information on directory pages were input incorrectly. In the past, we’d received many requests from our existing customers to correct names, address, business hours, etc … We will be happy to be of service.

8. Connecting to Social Media 

Once you already have a professional website, Instagram and Facebook accounts, we will build a perfect connection in order to establish a powerful online Marketing Support toward your business.